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Polvo “The Pedlar”


First SongOfTheDay: Not one of my all-time favorites, not something brand-new and exciting, but definitely one I’ve been obsessed with over the last month or so.  Polvo was easily my favorite show of Fun Fun Fun Fest 2010, and In Prism jumped to the top of my virtual record pile immediately thereafter.  “The Pedlar” is the shortest and maybe the most easily-digestible song on the record, and I love it in large part because it sounds like what I fantasize that the next Helium record after The Magic City would have sounded like if Ash Bowie took the mic for a track.  I have no idea why they broke up, but Ash and Mary Timony share a taste for folky melodies over noisy rock that I can’t resist, and I wish they had kept collaborating over the last decade.

Lyrically, I love the story that plays out as I listen.  I’m sure that he’d laugh at this interpretation, but I imagine Ash writing this song on the way home from the All Tomorrow’s Parties festival that Polvo reunited for.  The first verse ends on the lines “your luck is gonna turn / your turn is gonna come / and soon you’ll be a saint to someone,” and while that sentiment could work for many artists who return to enthusiastic crowds after a first run as underground heroes, why not apply it to the guy writing the song?  I’m a sucker for this reading in part because it’s so similar to what Hannah and I felt like on the way home from Matador 21 with “Unreal Is Here” by Chavez running through our sleep-deprived heads over and over.

Full lyrics at the video link.

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