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Brock Van Wey (bvdub) “Will You Know Where To Find Me”


On 2010’s last day, I wanted to write about my most-played song of the year.  My friend Greg sent me a copy of Kompakt’s Pop Ambient 2010 in the first week or so of the year, and “Will You Know Where To Find Me” simply stunned me.  Kompakt releases tons of great wallpaper with the occasional thumping dance classic, but halfway through the 17-minute compilation closer from Brock Van Wey (a.k.a. bvdub), I had to stop what I was doing and soak in the music.  The rich synth pulses slowly became the foundation for a chorus of female voices crying in loops, a beautiful mystery.  To go full dweeb, it’s like listening to the Ainulindalë, the creation story at the beginning of The Silmarillion by Tolkien, where the world is formed through music and the collision of love and pride.

So I listened to this song over and over, mostly on headphones at work and while going to sleep at night.  Hannah pretty quickly let me know it irritated her, so I only played it at night when she was already asleep.  Still, this song easily accounts for one full waking day of listening this year.  I don’t imagine it’ll slow down anytime soon either, though more new music from Brock Van Wey might take it’s place.  The song is from We Were The Sun and it’s a great full album, despite being overshadowed by 17 minutes of perfection.


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