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Fires Were Shot “Hiroshima”


I’m exhausted, always seems to be the case after an extended holiday.  I just never sleep as much as I need to, thinking I can sleep as much as I want to since I don’t have to go to work.  With a three-year-old son, I should know better by now.  So here’s a beautiful song for sleeping.

I came across Fires Were Shot when going through all the sample mp3s for SXSW 2005.  Another song from their Solace album was included, and I really liked the simple acoustic guitar patterns looped and layered over each other.  When a coworker had one of their discs at his cube, I asked him what he thought of it and was pleasantly surprised to find he was actually one of the two members of the group!  He gave me a copy of the full album and “Hiroshima” is the centerpiece to my ears.  Having been to Hiroshima a few times, including the atomic bomb museum and memorial, the only connection I can draw from this song is the feeling of awe that my dad described after he visited:  Millions of people are living at the site of such horrific devastation.  We’re a resilient race, we humans, whatever else we have going for or against us.

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