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Free Week 2011 – Tuesday


Tonight was basically a token entry, I didn’t even go downtown but to United States Art Authority instead.  And how many bands did I see?  One.  Thousand Foot Whale Claw was a pretty impressive one-band, four-song show though, so I’m counting tonight as a win overall.  They rode the drone fiercely, taking ten or more minutes to get through the first song and I was ready for a drum machine or big riff to blast out of the mess the entire time.  Such restraint, these men.  It sounded like a bit darker Surface of Eceyon or Flying Saucer Attack until the next song broke out a heavy 7/4 bass groove to give it a little Boris-type oomph.  There was a lot of noise stirred up, but they never added a beat despite the constant sense that things were about to explode.  Well done.

Really like the USAA as a venue, I hadn’t realized that the bar side could be closed off and feel so intimate.  The larger room was getting set up for a dance party and I would have loved to stay, but I’m in bad shape this week and didn’t feel like waiting what looked like another 20 minutes at least for the next act to set up.

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  1. 01/28/2011 13:25

    Thanks for the kind words sir. Whale Claw will be hosting a massive, all-day event during SxSW on Tuesday, March 15th. Expect ~12 heavy and ambient acts to thump it out. Hopefully you’ll get a chance to make it and catch our new set.

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