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Neko Case “Hold On, Hold On”


Hannah’s brothers came down from the midwest to visit us over the holidays, and Joey brought his girlfriend Jenna for the first time.  On their last night in town, during a break in a marathon game of Mad Gab, Jenna and I got to talking about her influences, especially in regard to her Minneapolis band The Poor Nobodys.   I think Neko Case came up on shuffle to inspire the conversation and we talked about how much we both love Fox Confessor Brings The Flood.  There’s a great review at CokeMachineGlow that goes into the details of the mythology Case built on and developed for this record, and the story she tells – along with the music, of course – has made the album my answer to the question “What’s the best record of the new millenium?”

So, I was just thinking about that conversation today and sent Jenna a link to the CMG review.  “Hold On, Hold On” is the catchiest song from the record and was the one I latched on to right away, playing it over and over on the headphones at work and in the car.  Neko minces no words, she embodies the character of a femme fatale haunted by ghosts and having it no other way: “It’s the devil I love.”  And she laughs at the whole miserable scene and the idea that things could be any better, and herself again for thinking she can ever give up hope.  Something like that.

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