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shoot for the stars…and KiLL them! “Carnival Breakdown”


After watching Elvis at Emo’s last night, I heard someone call lead singer Brian “a natural frontman,” and it’s absolutely true.  Seeing a lot of shows quickly makes you realize how few performers really have charisma, or at least bother to do anything that might reveal it.  Granted, a lot of independent and punk rock culture is a little bit hostile towards people who seem to make the show all about themselves.  And it’s not rare to see that someone can be charismatic and not particularly talented at anything other than getting attention focused on them.   All that is just to say I like seeing Brian thrust his debauched personality all over the audience, Elvis has a great tribal ferocity to them even when they slow things down.

One of Brian’s earlier bands – shoot for the stars…and KiLL them! – occasionally let some fairly warm smiles crack through the sneers.  Check out “Carnival Breakdown” at the myspace link above, it’s a song my 3-year-old son loves to sing along with in the car.  And it’s cool to hear someone who commands so much attention sharing such a goofy moment.

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