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Free Week 2011 – Thursday


East Cameron Folkcore – liked the trombonist’s song, the other songs were sleazy in that wholesome Central Market radio way.


Black Irish – Traditional music played by dudes with mohawks and tattoos.

Betarhythm – pretty good, ditch the tie.

Boy+Kite – excellent background music while I talked to a friend.

The Carrots – great taste, too much filler.  You gotta feel it, y’all, but thanks for turning up the emotion on the last song.

Black Gum – new band?  the mix was covering up the nearly inaudible lead vocals.

The Fleshlights – looser than last night, quieter at Beerland with more vocals coming through.  still fucking fun.

La Snacks – beer flowing freely, a toast to the underachievers.

Shitty Carwash – just that last minute, guitar on the skeeball run.

The Bulemics – hardcore fun, circle pit, heading home.

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