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Labradford “P”


Taking the night off from Free Week so I can be alert with Sylvan while Hannah teaches a massage class in the morning.  Here’s a perfect lullaby, my favorite song from the several Labradford albums I’ve heard because it goes all in for pretty and doesn’t throw any eardrum-burning tones to spoil the simple pleasure of their music.  This one’s from Mi Media Naranja and it’s just a few simple tones from guitar, keyboard and loops or feedback, minimal variation on a drifting lullaby melody.  Possibly the best song for inducing sweet dreams I’ve ever heard.

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  1. gregargo permalink
    01/18/2011 19:30

    This is fantastic. Something in it reminds me of the easy psych of Novasonic Down Hyperspace. Anyway, for me Labradford is pretty much one big lump, so it’s cool that you picked this one out for scrutiny. We should trade lullaby mixes – double discers so length is no constraint.

    • Kaleb permalink*
      01/19/2011 17:53

      I can definitely do that, would be interested in yours for sure but I feel like you probably know most of mine… heavy on the Landing. 🙂

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