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Coma In Algiers “Sex With An Invalid”


Coma In Algiers may or may not be the best band in Austin, but they’re my favorite.  As much as I’m a wide-eyed idealist in so many things, Coma’s relentlessly brutal – and often simultaneously hilarious – vision is way more interesting to watch unfold on stage.  Three different lyricists split vocal duties, and all three have different approaches but are equally adept at creating scenes of pain, failure, misery or just perversion.  It all comes with a wink, but it’s the kind of wink that makes an ambiguous comment more uncomfortable.

“Sex With An Invalid” is just a quick blast of noise and some words that are easy to catch at a show.  I picked out the high-quality live video above at least partly because I’m in it, but it’s also one Hannah and I laugh about every time we’re looking for parking spots:  “I wanna be in a handicapped space.”  Based on their new song on Casual Victim Pile II, the next record might be their best, and I’m about to head down to Beerland to see them with The Creationists, Dikes Of Holland, Cartright and ELVIS.  Free Week!

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