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Free Week 2011 – Saturday (1/8)


Stayed at Beerland tonight, talked with friends before and between the shows and had a great time.  I think I’ll try this next year, one night at each club and no walking.  Given how my week started, I may end up seeing more bands anyway, and definitely will get a fuller picture of each one.

The Creationists – Driving psych-garage rock, 2nd-to-last song reminded me of “Shadowplay” by Joy Division and the last one was building up to Wipers’ “Youth of America” proportions until the guitars started shorting out.

Dikes Of Holland – A lot more varied than I was expecting, a really good fit to play with Coma In Algiers with their instrument and vocal-switching.  It was mostly fairly typical indie-punk, but with some cool “extra” chords and beats thrown in.  I don’t think the time signatures were ever changed, but it gave that feeling, kind of like Mission Of Burma do.  I bought their record.

Coma In Algiers – Started with two old favorites, “Hey Mom” and “Incest Party”.  They had an actually hopeful feeling instrumental too.  It was weird seeing them without Kyle, can’t believe this was my first time.  Ish mentioned that things felt more intense without him, and I wonder if it’ll be like Les Savy Fav, where losing a valuable member actually makes more space for the remaining players to shine.

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