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Six Finger Satellite “Rabies (Baby’s Got The)”


I’m putting together a road trip playlist for the Karaoke Underground tour up north at the end of the month and remembered to add Severe Exposure. Six Finger Satellite made some ridiculous noise in their career, some of it great and some of it not, but “Rabies (Baby’s Got The)” is perfect noisy dance-pop.  It starts with a synth that might as well be an overworked vacuum cleaner, then an impish keyboard riff sets the tone and a skeletal beat kicks the party off.  The extended intro highlights the fantastic Moog lead while the main riff gets more and more insistent.  Lyrics?  Do machines have sympathy for your tender fee-fees?  No.  This is a movie where the robot menace does a victory dance on the charred remains of its weak organic rival.

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