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Autobiographical Box Sets


Like a lot of music nerds, I like to make mixtapes.  My favorites tend to be thematic with a strong emphasis on jarring genre changes, but nobody’s perfect.  I’m not sure exactly how the idea originated, but me and my fellow nerds Greg and Patrick decided to channel our passion into presenting our musical stories in five 80-minute playlists.  Where to start and end, where to mark the divisions, whether to include multiple songs by the same artist… all of these are up to the person making the mix.

I’ve had a great time putting mine together over the past year or so, with my first two (Childhood and High School) already completed and sent out to everyone in the group.  Greg and Patrick put together a little bit of artwork with theirs and everyone’s added great liner notes, explaining the significance of each song.  Hannah joined in once she saw how much fun I was having, especially as I always give her a hard time about not remembering her childhood.  I think she saw this as a bit of a memory challenge, and she ended up connecting with a lot of forgotten images from her early days.

Hannah and I have had the opportunity to talk about our childhood mixes on KOOP radio with Matt and Ken from ReMix.  Their show is dedicated to mixtapes, every week they take a mix from a guest and talk about the story of the songs or the mix itself.  Some of the guests are artists showing influential songs, sometimes they go over a beaten-up old tape that was the soundtrack to someone’s memories, and it’s always interesting.  They asked us about mixes after coming to a Karaoke Underground show, and while talking about it over email I brought up the Autobiographical Box Set project and they loved it.

I’ll post our full playlists and compilations soon, but for now here are links to mp3s of both Hannah and I on the air.  There are a few glitches, including an egregious one that cuts out some of Hannah’s commentary during one break, but have a listen.  And spread the word about this idea, make your own box set!  If you feel like sharing the music, or just the list of songs, I’d love to see that too.

Kaleb on ReMix #1 – Childhood

Hannah on ReMix #1 – Larva

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  1. ken permalink
    01/14/2011 09:56

    Thanks for posting this Kaleb! Matt and I are looking forward to more time with your boxed-sets. Also, a big box of good luck on the tour.

    • Kaleb permalink*
      01/19/2011 17:50

      Thanks Ken! We’ve had a great time with the childhood discs, can’t wait to talk about our terrible teens some more…


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