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Mikkel Metal “Lurlun”


I owe a big thanks to my friend Brent for bringing down a copy of Kompakt’s Total 7 on a visit from Minneapolis and introducing me to the wonderful world of microhouse and assorted dance music for headphones. The track from Mikkel Metal didn’t have the wow! factor that some of the other tracks did, but I liked the electronic take on dub quite a bit and followed up by getting the fantastic full-length Victimizer. For song after song, a thick atmosphere of simple electronic melodies pulses over a variety of lilting beats that are just heavy enough to dance to if the mood is right. “Lurlun” is the highlight for me, the mood is set, as claustrophobic as this album gets, the beat chugs up to a slow stomp and a lumbering synth line takes over about halfway through the song. It’s all pretty silly, actually, and that’s the thing that makes this album in particular stand out from many similar records. There’s a sense of taking things over the top without actually doing anything of the sort, and the chin-stroking and technical fussiness seems to take a back seat to the thrust of the music.

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  1. Greg permalink
    01/18/2011 18:50

    Thanks for reminding me of this! I pulled it out of the deep recesses of my iPod and it sounds great. I think Victimizer is what Dave Gahan hears during his drugged-out, near-death experiences.

    • Kaleb permalink*
      01/19/2011 17:53

      That’s an awesome image, though I had to google to see that’s a Depeche Mode guy, and had no idea he and Death were so familiar.

  2. 01/19/2011 18:28

    I love this album. Also, Lurlun is the best word since Quaalude.

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