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The Notwist “One With The Freaks”


This is one of the last three videos I have left to rip before our entire Karaoke Underground library is in a standard Quicktime format, and while it’s rendering I thought I’d share three things about it.  First, I’ve never seen that jellyfish video before, to my shame.  Rarely is one so moved by muppetry, thank you The Notwist.  Second, Hannah’s KU video for this song is also affecting, at least for us, as she made it a collage of snapshots from our first year of karaoke shows.  It’s great to see all those faces, some we’ve gotten to know better and some we’ve never seen again.  Third, Hannah and I both thought the chorus was “Have you ever been honest-er” until she made the video.  The idea from that mondegreen still seems to fit the song better for us.

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