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Sarge “Fast Girls”


Sarge was a perfect pop-punk band, and their last album The Glass Intact is basically the actualized version of the ideal that groups like Veruca Salt, Tuscadero and, I don’t know, Letters To Cleo were shooting for in the ’90s.  So many great songs on this one, but “Fast Girls” is a good one for tonight, before I get in the car after work tomorrow for KU tour to see lots of friends in the Midwest, especially my old home city of Madison.  “I met this girl at a Madison punk rock show,” sings Elizabeth Elmore as she begins her straight-girl-but-bi-curious-if-you-talk-shit-about-these-dumb-boys-I-know story.  I don’t pretend to know how seriously the lyrics are intended, but it feels secondary to the thrust of the chorus on this one.  “I didn’t have the courage then, but I thought of her the whole way home, when I-I-I-I should have been thinking of you.”

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