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King Charles “Love Lust”


A picture is worth a shit.  I listened to this bouncy pop song quite a few times on my road trip for KU tour, totally on purpose and I enjoyed it.  And now, after seeing the video, I want to forget this band entirely.  I just don’t trust people with good hair and makeup, that must be it.  A similar thing happened with Interpol: Once they were in the NY Times’ Style section, I stopped being able to take their music as genuine.  Now, I know “authenticity” is not the only, or even primary, value in music, and I listen to and love a lot of artifice.  But while this song makes me bob my head and sing, these images make me want to turn it off.

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  1. Greg permalink
    02/02/2011 00:03

    That’s good hair? What about SVIIB’s or Kim Gordon’s hair and makeup?

    • Kaleb permalink*
      02/02/2011 08:10

      Definitely good hair on King Charles. I thought about going into a lot more detail on that rant, but opted not to take the time. SVIIB are an interesting example, because I chose to “trust” them and got burned by the pettiness of Disconnect From Desire. The wounds are still fresh!

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