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Landing “Across The Sky”


When I got to Minneapolis last week, tired from 19 hours of driving and only 4 hours of sleep, my friend Greg knew what I needed to relax.  He and Kari sent me to their room to lie down, and this amazing song was cued up while I closed my eyes and let my muscles relax.  Halfway through, the cyclical bassline had loosened me up as good as a massage, and slow chants of “we could be there in a day” made me feel as hopeful and calmly excited as they always do.  This is Landing at their magical best, painting sound with a brush the size of the Milky Way and as delicate as moonlight on moss.  It’s from Circuit, their first full-length collection, and though they both expanded and refined their approach and may have made better records (particularly 2003’s Passages Through), I always recommend that people start here.  Landing straddle the worlds of ambient, dream-pop, shoegaze and acoustic pop, and they deserve much more notoriety.

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  1. Greg permalink
    02/04/2011 11:10

    This song is always slower than I remember it. I get a lot of therapeutic effects from it, but one in particular is remarkable: the feeling that my eyes are untangling. I get all wound up without really noticing it throughout the day, but if I throw this on and lay down somewhere outside of unnatural light, the rest of my body gets fairly relaxed pretty quickly, but I still feel the stress in my eyes, which feel wide open even under lids, wide awake and still panning here and there ready for the next stimulus. But after a few minutes, it feels like the optic nerves unravel and slacken, resetting my eyes to a peaceful, uncomplicated awareness where they sink back into the sockets. Very rejuvenating.

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