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Quickspace “Coca Lola”


From the fantastic Precious Falling record, Quickspace’s “Coca Lola” wasn’t on any of the mixtapes my friend Greg made for me to listen to on my Japan sabbatical, but when it finally wriggled into my brain while listening to a whole lot of his albums on shuffle at work, I was so obsessed that I immediately wrote a song based on it while driving home and recorded it within an hour of parking in the driveway.  “Coca Lola” is a great example of my favorite side of Quickspace, both jittery and hypnotic at the same time.  It’s a trick that seems fairly difficult to pull off, but I love it when bands do.

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  1. Greg permalink
    02/10/2011 21:44

    Sloppily propulsive or sloppily hypnotic, I like it either way. I remember listening to the self-titled with you on KAUR Virgin Vinyl one night. Something about his production esthetic I absolutely love but can never quite put my finger on.

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