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Madison – Friday, 1.28


Gerald took Friday off work to come up to Madison with me and see his family and a bunch of friends at the show that night.  It was great staying at his place and listening to some of his tunes on the way up…I missed Free Energy when they came to town just a week ago, I won’t miss them again!  It was so good talking with old friends on the trip.  I dropped Gerald off at his mom’s house and then got to my parent’s house while my mom was giving piano lessons.  I talked with Grandma for a while, glad to have a chance to chat with her one on one.  Mom had some good food ready shortly after Dad got home, and then we got Skype set up for a video chat with Sylvan and Hannah before I took off for the show.  So good to see them, modern technology is pretty amazing when you take a second to appreciate it.

Gerald and I got to Mickey’s very early and started in on a fantastic pitcher of Spotted Cow.  Our old high school friend Betsy came by, I hadn’t talked to her more than a few times since graduation and it was great to hear how she was doing.  Finally got started setting up about 9:30 and ran into a few technical difficulties at first (had trouble connecting to the big TV screen and one of the PA speakers wasn’t working at first), but got started singing shortly after 10 and had everything sounding great before the first hour was over.  I was thrilled that a woman named Cabell (rhymes with Scrabble) sang “Leon’s Space Song” by Helium near the beginning!  Will and Janis got a babysitter and reprised their epic showing from last spring, with Will especially raising his game on The Hold Steady’s “Chips Ahoy.”  My friend Reem brought some friends out and she kept it biological with NOFX’s “Liza and Louise” and an excellent rendition of “Flower” by Liz Phair.  I was finally getting comfortable with the digital setup but had to run my own sound at Mickey’s so I didn’t socialize nearly as much as I wanted to, and that got me down cause my friends John and Bill from my old band The Bootcha Hop Scooties were out.  I hadn’t seen Bill in at least five years, a damn shame.  They and Jacob, another old friend, didn’t sing, but at least I got to hang out for a little bit at Bill and Jacob’s place after the show, eating some amazingly fine tacos from a place called Burrito Drive.

There were a ton of fantastic singers, some of whom I remembered from our visit last year and some I know were new.  Leanna, who we ran into in Las Vegas at the Matador 21 party, sang a few songs including “3rd Planet” by Modest Mouse and “Hope” by The Descendents.  Some other highlights: My friend Ken blaring away “Harnessed In Slums” by Archers Of Loaf (he’s having us entertain at his rehearsal dinner this Halloween); Drew and Stacey on “Islands” by The XX; a set of some great Austin songs by The Impossibles (“Eightball”), Spoon (“Don’t You Evah”), Okkervil River (“West Fall”) and The Dicks (“Dicks Hate Police”) – I should have jumped in with some Big Boys or at least Coma In Algiers; Sean totally owning “To Hell With Good Intentions” by McLusky; Lex taking on the ever-amazing “Deceptacon”; Olivia and Aidan’s sweet version of “Nothing Better” by The Postal Service; Marty getting people who’d never heard the song to sing along with John Cale’s “Fear Is A Man’s Best Friend”;  Ben and Emily crooning “Lazy Line Painter Jane” by Belle & Sebastian; Janis and Will showing some Wisconsin pride on “Gone Daddy Gone” by Violent Femmes; Drew on The Decemberists’ “Chimbley Sweep”.  A guy named Giggles wanted to sing the last song of the night with me, and we rocked “Bastards Of Young” to a pretty big closing-time crowd.  My voice was totally hashed at this point, I think I’m getting a sore throat just writing down these memories, but it was a great night.  It took a long time to clear out the bar, but the bartenders thanked me and said they loved having Karaoke Underground because the crowd was in such a good mood all night.

Song of the day: Agent Orange “Bloodstains”

Not sure when this came on in the car, but I will hopefully be adding this to the KU list soon.  Goddamn what an awesome song!

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  1. 02/11/2011 19:12

    YAY! It was awesome. Thanks so much for coming, Kaleb! And thanks for all the work you and Hannah have both put into this whole project. So awesome!

    • Kaleb permalink*
      02/12/2011 11:15

      We have so much fun doing this, really glad we stuck to it. I’m going to have to write up the story of us almost quitting pretty soon. Anyway, thank you for coming out Reem!

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