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Minneapolis – Wednesday, 1.26



I forgot just how long of a drive it is from Austin to Minneapolis.  In case you need a refresher, it’s LONG.  I didn’t get out of Austin until 6 on Tuesday and after I stopped for a microwaved chili dinner on the north side of Dallas at about 9:30, I did some quick calculations and realized that sleep wasn’t much of an option if I wanted to get to Minneapolis before the show started.  I started to seriously limit my fluids and ended up going 250 miles without stopping before I checked in at a Super 8 outside of Tulsa around 2 a.m.  Five hours later I was warming up my chili breakfast and got on the road again by eight, making great time again in absolutely fantastic weather, given the time of year.  It was six by the time I finally got to my friend Greg’s house, and he and Kari set me up with a little very nice downtime before we went out to grab some grub at The Cardinal.  My old buddy Tommy C from the days working at the Richfield Kinko’s showed up and we had a nice chat before heading to the Hexagon for the KU show.

Bad sign: The bar staff was suprised to learn about the show.  They hadn’t double-booked, and there was a big poster I’d sent to advertise the show hanging in the entry, but nobody had scheduled a soundguy or a bartender for the stage area.  This lowered my expectations for turnout quite a bit, and this ended up being a great party for my friends and a few Hex patrons that heard what us making noise and joined in.  A whole lot of my friends came out though!  It was so much fun with Greg getting wasted on school night, everybody singing like we did back in college.  Greg spewed out some GBV, Silkworm, Palace Music, Pavement and tons of other stuff.  Deborah sang “Chesterfield King” by Jawbreaker, which is one of the tunes on a mix tape she made for Hannah before Hannah went to Japan.  The mix tape is memorable because it’s basically Deborah talking over the music in her car while driving, for at least 60 minutes.  Great stuff.  Hannah’s brother Joey and his girlfriend Jenna came out, and brought their friend, who sang a bunch of songs including Aesop Rock’s “Coffee,” which might have been the first time that song was done.  Christopher Smith sang Elvis Costello, just like he did when Greg and I went to Punk Rock Karaoke at Tubby’s for the first time.  Christopher brought a group of friends too, it was cool to see new people getting into it a bit.  Other good friends Josh, Angie, Lanae and Kari got onstage and hollered away.  Lanae especially rocked on “Mass Romantic” by The New Pornographers.  My friend Dave Gomshay from when I lived in Japan came out and it was great to talk with him even though he didn’t sing.  That’s not Dave’s style, man.

A few other old friends came out but didn’t sing, and I was glad to chat.  We closed it down with a very drunk and sloppy rendition of “I See A Darkness” but I wanted to end on a positive note so cued up “Bastards Of Young” by the Replacements for the hometown crowd.  In retrospect, I really wish I would have sung more than one solo song (This Year” by The Mountain Goats), but I was very nervous about debuting the new digital playlist and spent too much time fidgeting with the remote app on my phone.  The one time I did sing brought in a guy from out in the bar and he stayed for the rest of the night, so that was great.  I really liked the setup at the Hex, but would need to get a lot more people in there to do it again.

Song of the day: Modest Mouse “A Life Of Arctic Sounds”

Because 1100 miles IS too far inside a car.

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