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Ume “Wake”


A lot of cool things going on in local band Ume‘s world right now, so it’s a good time to pay tribute to “Wake,” the lead track on their first album Urgent Sea.  The intro is slow and majestic, I love this guitar sound so much.  But the real treat is singer/guitarist Lauren’s catchy and primal growling through simple lyrics like “I love the way you move.”  More like “mo-oo-oooo-oo-oo-oooove,” it’s clearly inspired by Kim Gordon, but Lauren easily transcends her influences here.  Sonic Youth is an easy comparison, especially with a married couple leading the band (husband Eric handles bass guitar), but Ume put their own stamp on this sound.

Now that you’ve heard ’em, check ’em out and help ’em out.  Ume plays at the Noise Pop festival in San Francisco on 2/23, and they’re also in the running to be on the cover of a Rolling Stone, with subsequent gigs on the Jimmy Fallon Show and Bonnaroo if they win.  Lauren and Eric have been to Karaoke Underground a few times, I will totally vouch for them being cool people.

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