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Folk Implosion “Insinuation”


I need to carve out the time to see one show every other weekend or so, this is getting ridiculous.  There were at least five different shows I wanted to go see this weekend, and I didn’t even attempt any of the ones on Friday before my brother came to visit. Anyway, The Folk Implosion aren’t exactly Sebadoh, who played at Emo’s with Quasi and TV Torso on Saturday, but I prefer Dare To Be Surprised and One Part Lullaby to most everything else I’ve heard from Lou Barlow.  “Insinuation” first hooked me when I noticed the bassline was very similar to the main riff from the song “Propaganda” by Spooncat!, a much-loved funk/soul band in Sioux Falls, SD, where I went to college.  But “Insinuation”‘s charms stand on their own, a smooth soul beat that builds an eerie-yet-exultant feeling with droning keyboards and alliterative lyrics that are sometimes nonsense but always suggestive, adding to the mood.  And the mood is pure suggestion: “Insinuation really makes it happen, in your opinion is a nice surprise.”

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