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Crass “Do They Owe Us A Living?”


I’m from Wisconsin and am finding it hard to ignore all the short-sighted actions being taken by the governor and majority party in the legislature there.  Of course, it’s not just Wisconsin, but the plan is being kicked off there by the first domino and I’m very glad to see so many of my friends standing up to protest and explain why this is a power grab and not at all about balancing budgets.  I’m all for solvent government, but we are witnessing a return to feudalism on a global scale. Instead of an effort to raise all boats, we’re seeing the very richest and most powerful working to consolidate and further centralize all institutions.

So I’m feeling pretty radical and even though anarchy with a safety net really doesn’t compute for me on a macro level, I’m blasting some Crass tonight.  Feeding Of The 5000 is a furious whirlwind, and “Do They Owe Us A Living?” is the obvious standout anthem.  You were wondering about the answer?  OF COURSE THEY FUCKING DO!

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