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Ice-T “You Played Yourself”


A high school friend’s birthday was today, and – as I like to do for my friends’ birthdays – I posted a music video on his Facebook page.  That song got me thinking about some other music I listened to at that point, particularly Ice-T.  I bought Power primarily because Ice got a shout-out from Young MC in Stone Cold Rhymin’s liner notes, and quickly fell for the mix of violent stories and moralistic straight talk that Ice-T’s early records are legendary for.  “You Played Yourself” is a great example of the two, and in retrospect this approach was exactly the first step I needed to take to expand my worldview beyond the narrow vision of morality I was raised in.  Hearing somebody talk and joke about horrific violence while at the same time condemning everyone involved with it and offering some ideas about why it happens and what could change to make things better…well, we all have to start somewhere, right?

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