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Salaryman “Rather”


Not really topical, but it came up on shuffle today as I’m testing my new iOS 4.3 ability to play my iTunes library on my MacBook via my iPhone in another room.  My friend Brian can play his digital library through his phone from another part of town, so I know I’m not exactly bleeding-edge, but it’s still a step up for me.  Anyway, Salaryman is the most stable lineup of Poster Children playing experimental improvised dance music, and there was a stretch there before DDD came out where I preferred S-Man to the P-Kids.  “Rather” is a great introduction as to why, they hit a heavy groove with great subtlety and a non-chalant melody keeps the whole thing moving forward.  Love it.

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  1. Greg permalink
    03/11/2011 20:05

    The restraint on this one is masterful. Keepin’ it steady at just the right level.

    • Kaleb permalink*
      03/11/2011 23:41

      Yeah, it was a surprising side of the PKids/SMan group when it came out, and I would have liked to hear Salaryman build on that more instead of becoming explosive, like Poster Children without guitars.

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