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Little Frankie “Happy, That’s Me”


This tune was on my 2010 year-end list of most-played songs, and it’s definitely still a part of the conversation at our house.  Sylvan asks for it specifically, and immediately recognizes it when Hannah or I start humming it, or it comes up on the stereo.  It’s most widely available as part of the excellent One Kiss Can Lead To Another compilation (and I much prefer it to that compilation’s cult phenomenon “Egyptian Shumba“).

“Happy, That’s Me” is pure bubblegum, written by Graham Gouldman, who went on to greater success as a member of 10cc.  The sing-song verse is instantly addictive, and there’s a shift to a minor chord in the middle of it that hits me just right, adding a little feeling of yearning to a song that’s supposedly about fulfillment.  I’m glad Sylvan asks for it whenever I forget about it.

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