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Nirvana “Lithium”


I’ll be back on KOOP’s ReMIX radio show this Wednesday for round two of my Autobiographical Box Set, the high school years. It’s pretty impossible to overstate how tightly I wound this song – above all other Nirvana songs – into my identity for a couple years in high school: It was the reason I bought Nevermind in the first place, it was the first song I learned to play (on both guitar and bass), it was the song I sang walking home a few miles after breaking up with my girlfriend, and on and on. I recorded their MTV Video Music Awards performance and watched it over and over again, completely identifying with my idea of these misfits in a ridiculous world with ridiculous rules and somehow being rewarded for spitting in its face. I would, of course, never act out on any of these fantasies, but I sure projected a lot of my drama their way, and it meant the world at the time.

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