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Lunachicks “P.S. Hell”


Here’s another one that I’ll be talking about on the radio tomorrow afternoon

Listening to Madison’s community radio station WORT one night, I heard the single “Apathetic” from Binge & Purge, and the DJ announced it would be the featured “New Disc At Nine” the next two nights. I didn’t listen to the station or record the radio in general very much, but I liked the song a lot, so recorded the album in two parts the next two nights, and fell madly in love with this sloppy band with a snotty singer. Most of the record is about masturbation, menstruation, picking fights, zits and vomit, but they had a great song made up entirely of Black Sabbath titles and lyrics and this one, one of my favorite anti-school rants ever. My friend Mike was a WORT junkie and ended up buying the CD after hearing it on the radio, and he made me a tape with slightly better sound quality. I paid him back by buying their first album on CD before I even had a CD player so he could dub it.

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  1. 05/28/2011 03:39

    This clip is fantastic – love it! They’re one of my favourite bands and this is the incarnation I love best, with Becky Wreck on drums. I’d never seen such an early clip (Theo without those beautiful tattoos!) so thoroughly enjoyed this. Thanks for posting it.

    • Kaleb permalink*
      05/30/2011 23:21

      Glad you like it! I was really happy to find the clip too, and much as I love Jerk Of All Trades, Binge & Purge is the one I go back to.

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