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Marques Bovre & The Evil Twins “I”


Did the KOOP radio show ReMIX this afternoon, but unfortunately Audacity crashed while I was attempting to record it.  It was a lot of fun, a little smoother than the last time and really great to actually be on the air instead of just the internet.  Thanks to Matt, Ken and Samantha, as well as everybody who listened!

Matt said one of the songs that jumped out at him from the High School version of my Autobiographical Box Set was Marques Bovre & The Evil Twins‘ “I”.  I saw this Madison band open up for Uncle Tupelo and The Bottle Rockets with Mike and my first real girlfriend Michele.  We thought The Bottle Rockets were awful and Uncle Tupelo was kind of boring, but Bovre had some fun songs so I bought Ghost Stories From Lonesome County, their latest album.  I liked the whole record a lot, but “I” has had real staying power for me, with its religious imagery, weird paranoia about electricity and the idea of salvation through music.

btw, about three years after this show, Uncle Tupelo and The Bottle Rockets were two of my favorite bands.

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