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The Marked Men “A Little Time”


From 2009’s Fix My Brain, I’ve had this song in my head all day.  The Marked Men are a great pop-punk band from Denton, TX, that I’ve seen a couple times and had a copy of their debut for quite a while, but it took a request to add this song to the Karaoke Underground songlist to really get them stuck in my brain.  This must be what the album title is about, right?  Anyway, the band wastes no time kicking off this track, and blasts through two quick verses before a pretty melodic breakdown that builds back up to a great climax with layered vocals.  This is one of a very few songs we have on the KU list that we couldn’t find lyrics for anywhere, so Hannah and I listened to this over and over to try and piece it together.  I hope we have it right, here’s what we came up with:

Just give a little bit of time

Cause you know that you can never live before you die

Get out of the way

You know a little spilled blood will make a nice distraction

Can’t cap your lid, but booze that mind

I don’t care you know it’s not a loss if it’s not our dime

It’s just a little hit

You gotta grow up with the X on

It’s just a little bit of time outside

With the ones who care on our side

just a little bit of time outside

Just a world of

You’ll get your life to say

Just a little bit

Just a little of it

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