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The Road To Surfdom “Too Big To Fail”


On a surf kick so here’s another shot of my band. This song started back in Japan as a couple riffs over a Casio bossa nova beat, and it’s mutated into a bunch of parts, mostly variations on E. The Mermen were a conscious influence but I’m not half the guitar player that Jim Thomas is.

I should explain a little about The Road To Surfdom… The name is obviously a riff on the book and our sound, and I wanted to expand that by giving all our songs names that had to do with economics and/or politics.  “Too Big To Fail” was a good one for this song, we also had a “Peter Gunn” styled spy song called “Toxic Securities” and others like “Moral Hazard” and “Unregulated Market In Esoteric Financial Derivatives”.  We are definitely not Tea Partiers.  Elena and Jon were a lot of fun to play with, and they got into the naming too (Jon wrote Toxic Securities).

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