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Poster Children “In My Way”


This perfectly sums up the feeling of being trapped by myself this summer, and it’s crap because there is so much to be excited about.  It mostly comes back to devoting so much energy to a big time-sink where I don’t want to fit in, and having so much residual resistance built up that I have a hard time connecting where I want to.  It’s on me to stop getting in my way, stop trying to hide in a stereotype. Here are the lyrics to Poster Children‘s epic “In My Way”:

Writing a novel before you can open your mouth
Editing every response until nothing comes out
Taught from the earliest age how to filter the rage
Into silence that speaks for itself
Split down the center, divided and made to behave

You're in my way

Feeling the need to conform even when you're alone
Feeling yourself going under when you're under control
Building a character out of your character
Trying to hide in a stereotype
Honesty has been replaced by a neutral display
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